Sole Seekers aims to provide a complete and satisfactory sneaker restoration service with quality products and trained personnel. Restorations can only be processed through Sole Seekers’ in store drop-off service. Sole Seekers is fully insured and guarantees protection of all personal property.

Rates: All restoration, cleaning and accessory rates are displayed on Sole Seekers’ price list. Prices are final and are not negotiable. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice to customers and are determined by material and labor.

Deposits: Sole Seekers requires a 50% non-refundable deposit when booking any restoration service.

Service Requests: Sole Seekers require that all customers identify specific restoration requests on page 2 to ensure service satisfaction. Sole Seekers reserves the right to decline items based on their condition or based upon the nature of a request.

Service Schedule: Sole Seekers will discuss service completion timelines with each customer individually based on the description of services described on page 2 of this agreement. The official completion date will be documented and verbally confirmed with each customer.

Product: Sole Seekers is not responsible for chipped paint, creasing, scuffs or any other signs of normal wear and tear on items that receive restoration services. All accessory add-ons will be inspected for quality control before being installed during a restoration service or before an individual sale. Sole Seekers will not replace any accessories installed during a restoration service as a result of wear and tear or defect.

Sole Shields ® : Sole Seekers will not be held liable for any injuries involving the use of Sole Shields ® . The material is used to protect the soles of sneakers and becomes slippery when wet or when worn on carpet. As noted on the supplier’s website, these are not recommend for running shoes.

Retrieval of Items: Customers must retrieve their items within 10 business days after receiving notice that the restoration service has been completed. Sole Seekers will contact customers once by telephone. Items not collected within this 10-day timeframe become the property of Sole Seekers. Items can only be retrieved in person by the requesting individual indicated on page 2 unless prior arrangements are made.

Loyalty: Sole Seekers will grant 50% off a restoration service for loyal customers’ 5 th service booked.

Terms: Sole Seekers reserves the right to revise and amend the terms of this agreement to make adjusments when necessary. Sole Seekers also reserves the right to terminate this or any agreement without notice.


Sole Seekers’ priority is to provide quality restoration services to revive the life of your sneakers.

I, the customer, have read and agree to the conditions and terms of this restoration agreement. I understand that Sole Seekers has the right to decline restoration services for any reason including those not listed in this agreement.

NOTICE: Please do not book a service with Sole Seekers if you do not agree with the terms above.