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history of retro 11

history of retro 11

Introduction to the Retro 11 Legacy The Retro 11, an iconic symbol in the sneaker world, is not just any shoe; it's a piece of history. This design...

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In 2012, a long-time sneaker connoisseur created Sole Seekers with the intent to provide the suburbs with a resource to exclusive sneakers and restoration services. Sole Seekers is committed to providing each customer with a secure and convenient consignment process to obtain the maximum return on their sneakers. Additionally, our trained personnel aim to provide quality restoration services to revive and preserve the life of your sneakers.

Sole Seekers is dedicated to the sneaker community and we only carry a premier collection of authentic products.

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We got some great things happening in 2020!!! 



Sole Seekers provides a secure and convenient consignment process to assist customers obtain the maximum return on their sneakers. Sneakers can only be processed for consignment in store. Sole Seekers is fully insured and guarantees protection of all personal property.

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Krispy Kixx

Krispy Kixx Shoe Cleaner


Krispy Kixx Shoe Cleaner


This premium sneaker cleaner is a gentle foaming solution that effectively cleans and removes dirty and stains from sneakers and other footwear. This product contains natural cleaning elements that are 100% biodegradable. Product is safe to be used on all color materials