Sole Seekers provides a secure and convenient consignment process to assist customers obtain the maximum return on their sneakers. Sneakers can only be processed for consignment in store. Sole Seekers is fully insured and guarantees protection of all personal property.

Commission: Sole Seekers’ commission rate is 15% of the sale based on the item’s price when sold.

Marketing: Items will be added to the store’s inventory after Consignee and Sole Seekers establish sale value. Display shoes will be wrapped in a protective plastic material to avoid contact with dust, dirt and stains. Consigned items will be shared on various social media platforms daily.

Condition of Items: Sole Seekers will only consign, sell or buy items that are authentic, clean and in pristine condition. Rest assured, customers are not permitted to try on consigned sneakers.

Payment: Sole Seekers will distribute Consignee payments through check or PayPal (Consignee responsible for PayPal fees). The Consignee is responsible for retrieving payments for items sold and must ensure valid payment information is provided to Sole Seekers. Checks are voided after 120 days. Payments not collected within 90 days of sale are forfeited to Sole Seekers.

Consignment Period: Each consignment agreement includes a minimum of forty-five (45) days in Sole Seekers’ inventory. If items are not sold within the initial consignment period there is a $15 renewal fee for every forty-five (45) day consignment period thereafter. Consignee may not remove items from store’s inventory before any consignment period ends. If the Consignee wishes to remove items from the store before the consignment period ends, Consignee will be charged a $20 fee.

Retrieval/Renewal of Items: If your consignment period expires, Consignee must contact Sole Seekers within 10 business days to arrange retrieval of items or renew consignment period. Any items that are not retrieved after the 10-day time frame become the property of Sole Seekers. It is the Consignee’s responsibility to monitor consignment period expirations and initiate retrieval/renewal communications.

Authenticity Disclosure: If Sole Seekers receives any items that are found to be counterfeit, the Consignee agrees to compensate Sole Seekers for any liability costs (fines, liens, etc.) incurred.

Terms: Sole Seekers reserves the right to revise and amend the terms of this agreement to make adjustments when necessary. Sole Seekers also reserves the right to terminate this or any agreement without notice.